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The Perfect Storm - the beginning of the Honeys

It began with a need for a barbershop quartet to perform at a large anniversary celebration. Caroline and Matt, members of New Orleans-inspired jazz group 504 Supreme, brainstormed all the folks they know who could pull this off AND had a flexible enough schedule.

Then a lightbulb went off. It wasn't exactly barbershop or a quartet, but two of Caroline's best friends had stayed in the area after graduating with vocal degrees. They had the time, they had the excitement, and they had the PASSION when tossing around the idea of pulling an Andrews Sisters-esque style set together for the big event.

And so, we had our singers, and we had the members of 504 who would back them on classics that a certain generation can't help but sing along to on the rare occasions they're heard. Bada-bing, bada-boom, right?

HA! If only musical success was that easy! Cue the countless rehearsals, costume fittings & orderings. Cue the hours spent separating the perfectly tight harmonies of our sisters who came before us, namely the Boswells and the Andrews (this work is NOT a walk in the park, mind you!) and the hours our dear colleagues spent arranging the music for the instrumentation at the event.

How much time did we have to accomplish all this, you ask? When push came to shove, we had about 1 month to put together and perfect this show.

There are so many things that could have gone wrong with the performance the night of the event. There are so many factors that could have prevented this group from forming. If the members of the Honeys hadn't sung together previously for years, or if any of them had moved away from the area - if the musicians of 504 weren't INCREDIBLE at their craft and already versed in traditional and swing jazz - if the Bugle Boy himself Matt Fattal didn't have the passion to cultivate this small idea and guide it to its full potential - the world might have missed the music of the Honeys.

Thankfully, with tons of work, passion, and a bit of good luck, that night saw the first show of many where the Honeys have transformed ordinary evenings into musical magic, and it's only just the beginning!

This is the perfect, sweetest storm, and the Truetone Honeys are taking the music world by that storm - we hope you'll follow us in the journey!

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