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New Music & the Rehearsal Process

The most enchanting shows are the ones in which the performers are so absolutely mesmerizing that you momentarily forget your world -- all of its stresses, your day-to-day monotonous tasks -- and step into the world that they have created for you for that hour or two.

This is perhaps one of the rarest things to achieve in a performance, and with good reason; it is DIFFICULT to build this illusion, to create the perfect world for an audience to comfortably lose themselves in. It takes countless hours of preparation, including writing a show with seamless transitions, having the right group of people working together, the perfect set of music, and, of course - the practice, practice, practice that needs to be done.

The Honeys and our manager/trumpeter/dearest sidekick Matt Fattal strive for this level of perfection each and every show. Well that's a lot of work, isn't it? YES, it truly is! But there is just no parallel experience to the one of performing on a stage & being transcended into another space where just for a while, none of the cares of our normal lives matter. And the best part? Being able to bring the audience with us into that world of pure jazz and pure joy.

As former members (veterans, really) of one of the toughest college choirs around (our choir director frequently challenged us to our musical and mental-discipline limits!), we are extremely fortunate in that we seem to have ingrained in us a sense of musical professionalism and a fantastic work ethic when it comes to learning new material and rehearsing (thank goodness for you, LFC).

Our rehearsals consist of:

1. LOTS of listening -- we use an app to slow down a bunch of the old tunes where the harmonies are so tight that we literally can't pick out our parts in some sections.

2. Tuning and voice/vowel matching -- usually singing sections over and over at half speed, staring intently at each other and the floor, trying to ensure we are on our correct pitch, and gradually speeding the line until we are a tempo. We video record each rehearsal to continue individual practice with until the next.

3. Lots of laughing, stupid jokes, messing up, starting over.

4. Running the songs with and without the original tracks.

5. Rehearsing with the full band when we have new music.

The good news: NEW MUSIC IS ON THE WAY TO YOUR EARS! We are very excited about the tunes we are currently working on to incorporate into the show, including an original by a certain green-haired honey... so

stay tuned!

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